flatroof solar panels

With rising energy costs, solar panels are a great way for businesses to reduce costs and save money.

We install commercial solar systems, including commercial solar panels, commercial electric vehicle chargers and commercial battery storage systems to business properties in Ipswich and Suffolk. Solar panels can be installed to commercial buildings such as offices, restaurants or factories, as well as any available land.

The solar panel system is used to generate electricity from power from the sun which is can then be used by a business to:

Power Machinery



and other activities

By investing in Solar Power you are also
reaffirming your companies commitment to

sustainability and the  environment

Advantages of a commercial solar
panels system

Ipswich Solar are local installers of commercial solar energy systems for businesses.

Solar energy systems are a great way to reduce the energy cost of your business by generating your own electricity.

For more information on the benefits of commercial solar energy systems, the installation costs of commercial solar panels as well as potential energy savings, contact us today.