EV Charger

Electric Vehicle (EV) Sales continue to rise ahead of the UK governments decision to ban new petrol and diesel car sales by 2030.

Home based charging is the cheapest and most convenient method of electric vehicle charging.

Ipswich Solar are a local specialist EV charger installer and will help you choose the best system for your home.


The benefits of a
home charging station


Make Your Electric Vehicle Work For You.

With a Home electric vehicle charging system, you can gain full control over when you Charge your Electric Car or van and for how long. Compared to the standard public charging points, home EV Chargers can charge quicker and more cost effectively.


Increase your property value.

With over 200,000 Electric Car owners across the UK, having a Home electic vehicle charger will make your property more appealing when you cho. With Petrol and Diesel Cars being fazed out by 2030, installing a Home Charging Point is a Future Proof Investment. It’s Great for both your own Electric Vehicle and your friends too.


Charge at an Affordable Price.

With a Home Charging Station installed, you will be able to charge your car more cost-effectively. By charging your car overnight, on cheaper off-peak rates, you will be able to charge the most economical way possible Smart EV Chargers, will also be able to take advantage of tariffs such as Octopus Go, to make sure you start charging at the correct times. All you need to remember is to simply plug-in your electric vehicle before bed.


Charge Your EV With Your Solar Panel System.

If your EV Charger is connected to a Solar panel System, you will essentially be able to charge your Electric Vehicle for free with any surplus Solar Energy. Making and save further costs.

Ipswich Solar are your local installer of home electric vehicle chargers, also known as EV Chargers,
in the Ipswich and Suffolk areas.

Home EV chargers are the most cost effective way of charging your electric car. Home electric vehicle chargers can be combined with your home solar panel system and a solar battery to reduce the running costs of your electric vehicle even further.

For more information on the benefits of home electric vehicle chargers, costs of electric vehicle stations or to arrange an EV station survey for your home, contact us today.